Five New Years Resolutions For Your Home
Each year we create resolutions for ourselves in order to encourage a better lifestyle. However, we often forget to create resolutions for our homes, which can also positively impact our daily lives. Here are a few resolutions you can make for your home this year!

Lose weight (Cut the clutter!)
In order to feel good about your home without costing you a fortune, start with cleaning out the clutter! Most of us have a heap of things we don’t use, but consistently justify keeping- only to continue not using them. It’s time to cut the cord and realistically look at what we don’t use, don’t like, or don’t fit into and donate these items to charity. A good way to go through these items, especially on counter tops, is to clear out anything you don’t use on a daily basis. Organize other items, like DVDs, into cute bins in order to maintain organization.

Get financially ahead (Shrink your bills)
Start making extra mortgage payments in order to reduce the money you waste on interest payments. Just doing this once a year can make a significant difference! Another way to save money in the long-run on your home is to ask your insurance agency if there are any new discounts you are eligible to receive. Your insurance company isn’t required to check your eligibility for you, so you could be missing out on savings!

Reassess your home’s value
Since the county only assesses the property value of your house every few years, you may be spending too much money in taxes if the market value of your house has dropped! In order to request an assessment, you can go online and get one for free!

Spend more time with family
Start home improvement projects together! This can include fun DIY projects to spruce up your home or planting a vegetable garden. Kids will love the opportunity to play in the dirt and see the results of their work later on.

Drink less
Reduce your water usage and save money on water and sewer costs each year with a few simple upgrades. Getting low-flow shower heads and toilets will maintain the pressure you currently enjoy, while saving gallons of water overall. These models use less than one gallon of water, as opposed to lower efficiency models that can use up to eight gallons. Make sure you aren’t wasting unnecessary amounts of water by leaving the shower or sink on when you’re not using it.