5 Backyard Renovations to Change Your Landscape

You can enhance the beauty of your Philadelphia Main Line backyard with thoughtful landscaping. With a plan in mind, you can turn a boring backyard into a beautiful destination, for your family to enjoy. Embrace the outdoors with the top five backyard landscaping ideas for 2014.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Sustainable Gardens

You may embrace environmental sustainability throughout your home, but the ecological and cost benefits can be carried outdoors. Sustainable gardens feature highly tolerant plants that require little maintenance. Your watering costs in the summer will decrease and your plants will heartily withstand harsh winter conditions.

Integrated Edibles

One of this year’s growing backyard landscaping ideas is saving space and creating an appealing, delicious landscape by featuring fruit and vegetables and herbal plants alongside flowers. Several beautiful varieties of edibles will enhance your backyard and fill your plate. With this type of garden, you must mind soil treatments as chemical products may render your harvest inedible.

Water Features

Water features are backyard landscape favorites and can be suited to any budget. Whether your yard features a simple self-contained fountain or an elaborate waterfall, the serene sound of running water turns your backyard into an instant oasis.

Outdoor Living

Create a permanent outdoor living space with fade-resistant acrylic fabrics, which give you greater comfort when you are outside and make your backyard a more inviting gathering place. A plush seating area under a lighted pergola or gazebo makes a perfect day and night destination for you and your family.

Backyard Landscaping IdeasBuzzing Bees

Bee populations are on the decline because their natural habitats are threatened, but giving the harmless buzzers a new home is one of the most popular backyard landscaping ideas this year. Bees thrive in gardens with a variety of plants, so use least at 10 species of flowers to invite them into your garden to stay.


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