4 Best Ways to Enjoy Spring


Go fly a kite

Take the kids outdoors and fly a kite. If you are really adventurous, make one of your own. Fly it at the park, in the schoolyard or at a nearby field. Kite flying on a sunny day is a ton of fun and a terrific way to get your vitamin D.


Head to the ballpark

Get tickets to a ball game for your whole family, whether it’s the major leagues or a local game. Get seats in the bleachers and bring gloves so the kids can try to catch a fly ball. Eat hot dogs and peanuts, and enjoy a day in the sun. Many teams offer discounts for the start of spring.


Turn on the sprinklers

Sure, the water park is a blast — but it can be expensive. Instead, invest in some cheap water guns and head outside. Turn on the sprinklers, break out the water balloons, and enjoy the afternoon sun while you cool off with some water fun.


Grab your camera

A sunny Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to capture some amazing shots. Take your family to the botanical garden, zoo or the beach — all wonderful backdrops. Even if you are an amateur, you can take terrific pictures these days as the cameras do most of the work for you.


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